The term “day-of coordinator” gets thrown around a lot but truth be told…it’s not really the right title for the task at hand! Having someone manage only the wedding day is impossible without preparation and organization. That’s why you’ll note that we don’t offer “day of” coordination but instead what we call partial planning.

What do we offer instead of day-of coordination?

Partial planning better describes the work that’s left to be done starting about six weeks before your wedding date. We sit down with clients and talk through all of the details for the day, from getting ready, through venue set up, run-of-show for the wedding itself and teardown. Starting at that meeting we’ll take the reigns and organize all details needed to coordinate the event and serve as the point-of-contact for all vendors from that point in time. You’ll be left to focus on packing for your honeymoon, beautification and self care to ensure that you can truly enjoy your wedding day. 

When’s the best time to commit to partial planning?

Pretty much anytime! We have couples who inquire about partial planning soon after booking their venue. Booking with a long lead time is beneficial because it secures the budget for the one of the most important line items (having the peace of mind that your wedding day is going to run smoothly) and also ensures that we’re available for your wedding date. But we also have couples who get pretty far down the planning path and wish they had hired a planner and reach out then. Partial planning can be the perfect solution to relieve the stress in that moment. We love to save the day! 

Do we offer anything in between partial planning and full planning?

For sure! We’re happy to partner with you on just some of the planning details if you’ve already gotten a running start and want someone to take things to the finish line or if you want help with a focused component of planning (for example, helping pull together design details). Contact us and we can discuss either hourly consulting rates or a custom quote to meet your needs.