Unfortunately, wedding planning comes with a barrage of opinions from friends and family that couples may or may not solicit. It’s often difficult to politely say “thanks but no thanks” and make sure you’re not distracted from what you really want. A wedding planner whose sole job is to make your vision come to life can help break through that chaotic chatter and bring an objective opinion to the process. 

Nous means “WE” in French…and that’s all that should matter when planning your wedding: the two of you. Nous NY represents modern couples who dare to reimagine the definition of a wedding. Above all else we encourage our clients to be true to themselves.  Some of our most often repeated advice:

Make sure it looks and feels like you.  

Think about every detail and what feels like you both – starting with the venue.  Focus on the experience you want to have and enjoy with your loved ones. Do you want to share your life in New York with friends and family who may have never seen where you live?  Then maybe focus on your own neighborhood and places you already love. Think beyond venues that you know host weddings; what about tiny parks, waterfronts, restaurants, bars, art galleries?  

Harley Viera Newton’s West Village wedding is a perfect example.  You can tell the couple chose the settings because they were places they frequent themselves.  They had the ceremony and lunch party at one restaurant and a dinner party at another and then kept going on into the night! Restaurants make for amazing venues. Choosing a favorite restaurant that has meaning to you as a couple can provide the feeling that you’re entertaining friends and family in your own personal space, or at least a place that feels like home.

Stand by your plan.  

Hopefully you’re lucky to have family that supports what you want in a ceremony or celebration, but if not we urge you to stand by your vision.  This applies to every detail including big ones like guest list, venue and date or smaller details like if you want to spend two hours taking posed family portraits.  Couples are paying for weddings themselves more often these days, and with that comes the power to make their own decisions.

Ask yourselves: would it be worth the time and investment without being able to look back and feel confident that you had the exact wedding you wanted?  Over time you may wish you had made different choices about what you wore or the menu, but let those regrets be about decisions you made, not those you allowed others to make for you.

Photos: Lucy Cuneo